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Name Position Reserch Expertise E-mail Phone ext.
Shih-Feng Chen Associate Professor
& Department head
Robotics, MEMS Engineering


Tzu-Hsiang Ko

Professor & President

Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics 2001
Chun-Sheng Chen Professor Mechanical Material, Structure Analysis 5121
Sheng-Lih Yeh Professor Optical Precision Measurement, Optical, Mechanical and Electronic Integration  5120
Chun-Yao Hsu Professor Mechanical Machining, Ceramic Machining 5105
Fwu-Hsing Liu Professor Mold Design, Computer Graphics Program Design 5114
Chung-Chen Tsao Professor Mechanical Machining, Electromechanics 5109
Chin-I Kao Professor CNC Machine, Precision Measurement 5115
Hung-Hua Hsu Professor Micro-fabrication, Materials engineering, Nano-engineering 5114
Wei-Seng Cheng Associate Professor Fluid Machinery, Higher Thermodynamics 5119
Ya-Dong Pan Associate Professor Intelligent Control, Mechatronics 5102
Tsyr-Jang Chen Associate Professor Failure Analysis, Mold-Flow Analysis 5128
Chia-Ho Huang Associate Professor Adaptation Control, Modal Analysis 5112
Shyr-Long Jeng Associate Professor Mechatronics, Microcontrollers, Robotics, Motor Control 5113
Chau-Yih Nian Associate Professor Mechatronics, Pneumatics, Mechanical 3D Drawing 5006
Ya-Wei Lee Associate Professor,
Associate Dept. Head
System Identification, Micro-Nano Manufacturing Process, Thermal and Flow Analysis 5125
Jihng-Kuo Ho Assistant Professor Precision Machining, Mechanical Design, Intelligent Processing Machine Design 5123
Chien-Chih Chen Assistant Professor Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic Pneumatic System Design 5111
Chih-Wen Chen Assistant Professor Mechanical Material, Material Mechanics, Mechanical Manufacturing 5126
Wenh-Sueng Lin Assistant Professor CNC Machine, Factory Practicing 5122
Ching-Long Wei Assistant Professor Simultaneous Engineering, CAD/CAM 5127
Ming-Chang Wu Assistant Professor Metal Micorforming, Precision Machining, Medical Equipment Desing and Analysis, Finite Element Analysis 5124
Chih-Yang Sheng Assistant Professor Smart Production Line Evaluation and Planning, Precision Machining and Tesing,  Non-Destructive Detection 5115
Wan-Gye Yang Assistant Professor Mechanical manufacturing engineering practice, mechanical design, non-traditional manufacturing technology, material destruction science, welding, physical metallurgy, material thermodynamics, materials science, material analysis, material mechanics, applied mechanics, heat treatment engineering 5110
Anh Tuan Nguyen  Assistant Professor Failure Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Mathematics 2511
Tsung-Yi  Lai Lecturer Five-Axis CNC Precision Machining, Fixture Design and Manufacturing, CAD/CAM 5142